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What is a Compression Fracture?

Compression fractures are small breaks, cracks, or fractures along the spinal column, specifically along the vertebrae. These fractures cause the vertebrae to weaken and there shorten and collapse over time.

Compression fractures affect the body by causing the back to hunch or curve. The spine is forced to lean forward, unable to support the previous weight of the back and body.

Symptoms of compression fractures include back pain, loss of mobility in the back (bending or twisting), chronic back pain, worsening pain with standing or walking, a hunched appearance, loss of height, pinched nerves or numbness, and in severe cases interferences with the bladder and bowel function.

Compression fractures are most commonly caused by osteoporosis, found most often in women with the diagnosis over 50 years of age. However, car accidents or other traumatic injuries can also cause compression fractures. Tumors or cancers found to affect the spine can also cause fractures.

Compression fractures are found in women over the age of 50 with an osteoporosis diagnosis, however, the condition also affects men. Almost 50% of people over 80 have compression fractures and it’s estimated that over 1 million compression fractures happen every year.

It’s important to note that compression fractures are not always severe and do not always begin with intense pain or loss of movement. Compression fractures can come on gradually, worsening over time. Many patients are unaware that their back pain is due to a compression fracture until an x-ray for another symptom reveals the cause.

Our compression fracture doctors in Greenebelt are available to help patients wherever they are in their diagnosis and treatment journey. It is important to catch compression fractures as soon as possible, to help decrease the impact on the body and daily lifestyles. However, our compression fracture specialists in Maryland have helped people of all ages find pain relief from their diagnosis.

When To Seek Compression Fracture Treatments in Maryland

So how do you know when the right time is to contact a pain specialist and ask for a compression fracture doctor in Maryland? Because the symptoms can have a gradual onset, it can be difficult to discern when the right time is to set up an appointment with a pain center.

Our Maryland compression fracture doctors recommend paying close attention to signs of the following symptoms; it is always wise to air on the side of caution to get ahead of a treatment plan for the best long-term results.

Compression Fracture Symptoms That Indicate You May Need Pain Treatment:

  • Sudden onset of back pain
  • Chronic back pain
  • Back pain that worsens with standing and alleviates when lying down
  • Decreasing mobility in the spine: hunched over, unable to twist or bend properly
  • A permanent or persistent hunched-over appearance
  • Noticeable decline in height
  • Numbness or tingling in the back
  • Bladder or bowel movements combined with other back symptoms

Our Approach to Compression Fracture Treatments in Maryland

The primary focus of compression fracture treatments in Greenbelt is to help alleviate the symptoms, restore proper function, and prevent future fractures from occurring. When compression fractures are primarily the cause of osteoporosis, treatment may vary based on recommendations from your primary healthcare provider for that specific diagnosis.

In general, our compression fracture doctors in Greenbelt at Pain Management Associates focus on the pain management aspect, however that works best for your compression fracture cause and daily lifestyle.

You can expect to explore some of the following compression fracture treatments:
  • Over-the-counter medications, used sparingly and as-needed
  • For more extreme cases, muscle relaxers or other prescription medications may be prescribed
  • Back braces
  • Drugs intended to target bone strength and improve bone stabilization
  • Bed rest for more damaged bones
  • Physical therapy to restore function and posture
  • Minimally invasive surgeries
Preventive Measures to Take at Home to Decrease the Risk of Compression Fractures Include:
  • Treating osteoporosis diagnoses diligently and staying on track with that treatment plan
  • Avoid excessive alcohol intake
  • Focus on vitamins that aid bone strength
  • Avoid tobacco and nicotine products, which weaken bones
  • Visit your doctor regularly to discuss any back pain or other symptoms

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