Joint Replacement Treatment Washington & Maryland

After a knee replacement, hip replacement, or any other joint replacement surgery, be sure to consult with Maryland joint replacement pain doctors for the best way to handle your recovery

Joint Replacement Pain Treatment in Maryland is critical for patients following major surgery, like knee replacements or hip replacements. Treating pain is vital to helping the body recover successfully and quickly. Pain treatment is different for every patient, however, and individual care should be taken to create the right treatment plan.

How do our Maryland joint replacement pain doctors approach pain management following major surgery? We consider medical history, what treatments have been successful in the past, lifestyle habits, daily routines, support systems, and more.

Our stance on pain management is that it should work for you and your comfort levels. We will tailor every step to what works best for your body, combining holistic approaches, medications, physician-applied techniques, and more.

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Why Joint Replacement Pain Management is Critical to Recovery

Managing pain after joint replacement surgery is critical to a healthy, successful recovery. A body that is comfortable and relaxed is better able to mend properly. This is why creating and consulting on the right joint replacement pain treatment plan is important for every patient.

Pain management plans should be customized to each patient and their specific needs. Our Maryland joint pain replacement doctors take the time to learn your case, your needs, and what pain management options you are comfortable with. We continue to adapt, update, and change course based on your needs and the needs of your recovery.

All joint replacement pain treatment plans should be a mix of medications, movements, activity, and rest. The proper combination allows the body to heal internally, regain movement and flexibility, and rest efficiently. Over time, the number of medications, movements, and rest will fluctuate based on need and how the body responds.

So what does successful joint replacement pain treatment look like and its benefits?
  • Faster recovery time
  • Improved comfort
  • More efficient post-op workouts and activity
  • Decreased risk of blood clots
  • Earlier self-sufficiency
  • Better range of motion

Joint Replacement Pain Treatment Options from Our Greenbelt Pain Specialists

So what are some of the pain management options our Joint Replacement Pain Doctors may recommend? In our consultation and assessment, we will discuss medications, both opioids and non-narcotics; physical therapy; topical treatments; rest and activity combinations; mindfulness and realistic expectations. At Pain Management Associates, it is important to us that we set every patient up for success during their rehabilitation. You should be comfortable with your pain management plan and feel you are able to execute it within your comfort zone. Any treatment plan that does not fit a patient’s lifestyle we will re-assess.
Some of the joint replacement pain treatment options we may discuss during your consultation include:
  • Limited use of opioids/narcotics
  • Non-narcotic medication options
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Muscle relaxors
  • Steriods
  • Topical applications
  • Hot/cold therapy
  • Diet adjustments
  • Holistic approaches
  • Mindfulness
  • Balance of rest and activity
  • Physical therapy

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Working with our specialists at Pain Management Associates, you will explore personalized treatment plans centered on your recovery and individual health. We believe it’s an important part of the process to discuss realistic expectations and timelines. When a patient’s mind is equipped for what is ahead, the body can properly follow without moving too slowly or being pushed too hard.

In order to achieve the most successful recovery, we will outline a timeline to focus on a balance of rest and activity that optimizes efficient and proper healing. You will have plenty of options to ask questions, discuss different treatment plans, get feedback, and adjust your schedule as needed. If something is not working, request a change and consult on what feels good for your body. Everyone’s goal is proper recovery with full mobility and returning to daily activities.

Our Joint Replacement Pain Doctors are located in Greenbelt, MD and are easily accessible to many Maryland patients. Call or schedule an appointment online to visit us and discuss your joint pain replacement treatment options in Maryland for optimal recovery.

Joint Replacement Pain Treatment FAQ

Pain after knee replacement surgery varies from patient to patient. The initial pain can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks but some patients may experience residual pain for up to 6 months. This is why joint replacement pain treatment is vital to avoid the pain associated with stiffness, inflammation, and healing from surgery.
After bone surgery, reducing inflammation is one of the most targeted areas of pain management. This is done with non-steroid medications and other pain management techniques.
At night your body experiences no to minimal activity, which creates stiffness and soreness. This can increase the feeling of pain. At night you may also experience increased inflammation or pressure from laying on your knee in your sleep.
Muscle pain after knee replacement surgery is most often due to inflammation. Rotating ice packs combined with anti-inflammatory, non-steroid medication can reduce this soreness and pain.
Pain and stiffness after a knee replacement may last anywhere from 4 months to 8 months. To actively combat pain and stiffness, work with joint replacement pain doctors to target inflammation, low-impact activity, physical therapy exercises, non-steroid medications, and more.