Medication Management in Washington, DC for Pain Treatment

Pain Management Associates understands that a lot of pain treatment uses a combination of physical therapy and medications. For many patients, prescribed pain medication can be anxiety-inducing or a deal breaker when it comes to handling and managing their pain.

Pain medication is often intended to relieve the body of the stress that pain puts on it. When the body is under intense pain it is stressed, overworked, inflamed, and often unable to heal. This can lead to referred pain, stiffness, increased illness, and inability to sleep.

Our pain specialists focus on medication management in Washington, DC for all pain patients. This includes reducing the possibility of dependency, using pain medications in a responsible and helpful way, knowing the signs of dependency, consistent check-ins to ensure the best dosage, and using other pain management treatments.

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What is Medication Management

Medication Management is setting clear expectations about how to take prescription medication, why prescription pain medication is important, and how to do so healthily and with a low risk of dependency or addiction.

Medication management is an important part of pain treatment because pain medications can often greatly improve the body’s chance of recovery and ease a patient’s discomfort. Pain medication can help with overall pain management, treatment, and recovery.

We help implement safe and reliable medication management so all patients can get the treatment they need without anxiety or fear of medication interfering negatively with their life.

The Benefits of Medication Manangement

Proper medication management from pain specialists in Washington DC can help with recovery, pain treatment, body health, mobility, and more.

Once the stress of pain on the body, and the mind, is alleviated, proper steps can be taken to help heal and properly recover.

medication management for pain in Washington

The primary benefits of medication management include:

  • Improved healing time
  • Better overall body function 
  • Collaborative care
  • Continuous medication assessment
  • Reduced medication and pain management costs
  • Positive outcomes for pain treatment
  • Overall quality of life

What Medication Management May Look Like

Medication management looks different for every patient based on their diagnosis, daily routines, overall health, medication preferences, and more. However, our medication management in Washington, DC will follow a similar course of action when it comes to questions, check-ins, and assessments.

You may expect our Greenbelt Medication Management to involve some or all of the following:
  • Understanding medication schedule
  • Creating open communication with pharmacists
  • Tracking medication changes
  • Making medications part of daily routine
  • Having a medicine card
  • Consulting before changing or stopping medications
  • Reviewing medication dosage on a continuous basis (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually)
  • Understanding alcohol interactions with medications
  • Testing new medications before driving, working, etc.
  • Discuss alternates to pain medications as necessary

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Medication Management FAQ

Anyone who has prescription medications or takes medications on a routine basis can benefit from medication management. This is because medication management tracks the use of medication, assesses the effectiveness of medications, and continually monitors the positive and negative side effects of pain meds. Whether you are a senior, recovering from surgery, or experiencing chronic pain, medication management can help.

Medication management is needed to ensure that prescription medications are working properly, there are no adverse or unexpected side effects, and there is no risk of dependency or addiction. This ensures that the pain is being treated properly and not otherwise causing harm.

Medication management may be continuous consults, coaching or support, continuous surveys on medication usage, tracking mood swings or effects of medication, pain scales, how often the medication was taken, and more.

During your first visit with Pain Management Associates for medication management, we will discuss your pain, your current pain medications, your anxieties with medications, and what pain you are hoping to treat.

We will discuss any past medication issues, diseases or illnesses, and how you want your medication usage to look long-term. We will also discuss what other pain management treatments you are implementing or have used in the past.