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What Is Myofascial Pain

Myofascial Pain causes chronic pain due to sensitivity within the trigger points of muscles. The muscle itself may hurt or the sensations may cause referred pain in other areas of the body. Because of the nature of the pain, Myofascial Pain can be difficult to treat. Unlike other muscle soreness or pain, Myofascial Pain increases over time.

The cause of Myofascial Pain is often overuse of the muscle, repetitive motions, or an injury. This is what causes the sensitivity and pain associated with the sensation.

Myofascial Pain Treatment from a pain specialist is critical so that the source of the pain is being treated properly and relief can be found. Without proper treatment, patients note seeing an interference in their sleep, daily activities, and overall lifestyle.

Pain Management Associates in Greenbelt offers dedicated myofascial specialists in Maryland who can help pinpoint the cause of the pain, understand how the pain is interfering with daily activities, and recommend a well-rounded and easy-to-manage pain treatment plan.

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Diagnosing Myofascial Pain to Seek Myofascial Pain Treatment

To diagnose myofascial pain, a pain specialist will focus on your symptoms, medical history, and any possible pain treatments you have already tried. A proper diagnosis and history allow for a better treatment plan moving forward. Exploring myofascial symptoms isn’t just about a diagnosis of the pain but understanding how the pain affects you individually and impacts your lifestyle.

Diagnosis for myofascial pain may include imaging, a medical history, ultrasounds, a physical examination, and more. During all of this, pain specialists consider what activities or daily routines may contribute to the pain and diagnosis. This can better help tailor a personalized treatment plan that targets specific causes and risks.

The common symptoms of myofascial pain are:
  • Persistent deep muscle pain
  • Worsening pain
  • Localized pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Tender knots within the muscle
  • Continued muscle stiffness
  • Pain that interrupts sleep or daily activities
  • Reduced mobility
The common causes or risks associated with myofascial pain include:
  • Muscle injuries
  • Continued muscle strain (i.e., repetitive motions)
  • Stress/anxiety (muscle tension and strain)
  • Lack of muscle use or movement
  • Poor posture
  • Working in cold environments
  • Pinched nerve
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Oversleeping

How Our Pain Specialists Approach Myofascial Pain Treatment in Greenbelt, MD

After our myofascial pain treatment doctors have a chance to consult with you on your diagnosis, symptoms, and possible causes, a treatment plan to manage the pain can be devised. All treatment plans are made with the patient in mind – your lifestyle, goal, daily activities, and comfort level with various activities. We approach Myofascial Pain Treatment with a flexible approach – if one combination of treatments is not working we will pivot to another approach to optimize your well-being and comfort. We work on the idea of continued communication and adaptability. As the pain adjusts, so do our treatment recommendations.
Some of the Myofascial Pain Treatments you should expect to discuss may include:
  • Over-the-counter pain medications
  • Infrequent and controlled use of Klonopin or other sedatives
  • Controlled and sparse use of muscle relaxers
  • Physical therapy stretches
  • Posture improvements
  • Heat therapy
  • Massage techniques
  • Needle therapy
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • At-home exercises
  • Resting poses for tension/stress-induced pain
  • Dietary adjustments
  • Body braces (back brace, for example)

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The pain from myofascial can disrupt sleep, daily activities, hobbies, jobs, and more. The tension, stress, etc. can make normal activities more difficult and cause increased fatigue. Navigating the push-pull of the tension and the need for rest can be difficult.

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Myofascial Pain Treatment FAQ

Myofascial pain treatment focuses on identifying the trigger points of the pain and applying treatments to reduce and ultimately cure the pain.
Untreated, myofascial pain can cause chronic pain, reduced muscle mobility, a decrease in the ability to complete daily activities, and body imbalances.
Myofascial pain is tight muscle fibers forming over time. The pain is so severe and intense because of the tightness of the muscle fibers that remains for an extended period of time, putting further strain on the body.
Myofascial pain syndrome can become serious if left untreated. It can morph into chronic pain which can affect every area of daily life and activities. It is important to seek treatment to assess and relieve the pain from the muscular trigger points.
Treatment for myofascial pain syndrome depends on a few different factors. Our Greenbelt pain doctors will assess how long you’ve been experiencing the pain, where the trigger points are, and what pain treatments help alleviate the pain you are experiencing to create a recovery treatment plan.