Post Surgical Pain Treatment in Washington County, Maryland

Work with the best Maryland post-surgical pain doctors following your procedure to manage, control, and treat your post-op pain

Managing post-surgical pain is a necessity for every surgical patient. Treating post-surgical pain is not just about comfort but is about healing time, recovery status, and reducing the risk of complications following surgery.

Experienced post-surgical pain doctors in Greenbelt at Pain Management Associates are informed, knowledgeable, and aware of how to tailor a post-surgical pain treatment plan to each patient. Getting to know you, your pain, your daily lifestyle, and your comfort level allows our pain specialists to put together a specialized treatment plan centered on your comfort.

If you are planning for surgery or are already experiencing post-surgical pain and need a post-surgical pain specialist in Maryland, contact Pain Management Associates today.

How a Post Surgical Pain Treatment Plan Aids Recovery

Taking the time to treat post-surgical pain properly is critical to a patient’s recovery. Proper post-surgical pain treatment plans focus on patient comfort, a balance of rest and activity, and speeding up the recovery time while reducing the risk of post-op complications.

The correct post-surgical pain treatment plan allows the body to rest, focus on healing, and reduces the risk of complications. While some patients may opt to forgo traditional pain medications to reduce the risk of opioid dependency, what’s important is that patients have support and a balanced treatment plan that allows the body to heal – meeting each patient at their comfort level is critical for success.

At Pain Management Associates, we understand the apprehension around prescription pain medications and the need to have a more balanced post-surgical treatment plan for pain management. For those reasons, we work with every patient to discuss a mix of remedies that are available. When the body is comfortable, patients see and feel a better, sustainable recovery period.

Post-Surgical Pain Treatment Is Important Because It:

  • Reduces the risk of post-op complications
  • Improves recovery time
  • Lowers heart rate
  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Increases patient comfort
  • Restores proper mobility and function
  • Creates a realistic recovery timeline with milestones and checkpoints

How Pain Management Associates Post Surgical Pain Specialists in Maryland Treat Post-Op Pain

Post-surgical pain can be treated in a variety of ways. Patients are often apprehensive because they are most familiar with opioids as the go-to post-surgical pain treatment for many facilities and they are hesitant to ask about other pain treatments.

While opioid pain medications have their uses in moderation, they should not be the sole or even primary way of treating post-surgical pain in Maryland. What’s important is that opioid pain medications can help calm the body and allow it to rest but these are only most effective when combined with other pain management therapies.

The best post-surgical pain treatments involve a combination of rest, light movements, relaxation techniques, and medications to control possible inflammation. Allowing the body the space to heal without remaining immobile is vital. When the body is comfortable, it is most effective.

Some of the post-surgical pain treatments in Greenbelt that we offer or will cover include:
  • Strict rest/minimal activity schedule
  • Moderate use of opioid pain meds as needed
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Hot and cold therapy applications
  • Physical therapy for movement re-acclimation
  • Relaxation and meditation-based focuses
  • Frequent positions changes during rest
  • Light movements

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Preparing for and managing post-surgical pain should be of the utmost importance when you know you have a surgery scheduled. If the body is experiencing pain, it is working in overdrive, stressed out, and unable to mend itself properly.

We listen to your concerns and comfort levels here at Pain Management Associates, so we can deliver customized tailored treatment plans that allow you the space to relax, recover, and experience the most minimal amount of recovery pain available.

Whether you are experiencing muscle fatigue, incision soreness, nerve pain, referred pain or discomfort, or general pain from movements, we can help you adjust, prepare, and recover. Do not hesitate to contact our Post Surgical Pain Doctors in Greenbelt today to schedule a consult and feel better about your recovery.