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Radiculopathy is the pinched nerve sensation patients feel in their back or neck along the spinal column when a nerve becomes trapped in its root. This feeling ranges from discomfort to severe pain and if left untreated can result in permanent nerve damage.

Radiculopathy can affect the neck, upper back, and lower back in a range of mild to severe degrees. Seeking radiculopathy therapy in Washington is vital the moment you become aware of any pain or discomfort within these regions to tackle the cause before it worsens.

Pain Management Associates is proud to offer radiculopathy treatment from our professional pain specialists. Ask about lumbar radiculopathy treatment in Washington, DC or call to consult on the best treatment for cervical radiculopathy in the area. Your comfort comes first, always.

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Radiculopathy Treatment:
What, Why, How, Symptoms, and Course of Action

What is Radiculopathy Treatment?

Radiculopathy treatment is the treatment of back or neck pain specifically caused by a “pinched nerve” sensation that is really a nerve caught in its root. This varies from other forms of back pain because, if left untreated, it can cause long-term damage to the nerve.

Why Does Radiculopathy Occur?

Radiculopathy is caused by the narrowing of the space where the root exits the spine. This is caused by stenosis, bone spurs, disc herniations, old age as the body changes, and other internal injuries or diseases that affect the spine. 

While radiculopathy can be difficult to prevent due to the internal nature of the damage, it is recommend to always maintain a healthy diet and workout regimen to keep the body physically fit and in optimal shape. Always consider good posture and proper recovery following any sports activity, injury, or accident.

What are the Common Symptoms of Radiculopathy?

The pain or discomfort sensations that patients feel with radiculopathy is the nerve becoming inflamed as it becomes trapped. Depending on the location of the damaged nerve, patients may feel symptoms in their neck, shoulders, back, legs, or arms. Sometimes the pain is consistent while other patients may feel occasional flare-ups that are still indicative of a trapped root needing treatment to prevent long-term damage.

The range of symptoms a patient may experience include:

  • Sharp pains in the back, neck, or limbs
  • Unexpected pain with coughing or sneezing
  • Weakness or reduced mobility in arms and legs
  • Numbness along the spine or limbs
  • “Pins and Needles” sensations

How Will I Know It’s Time to Visit a Doctor for Radiculopathy Treatment?

Anytime you experience severe or persistent back or neck pain, it is time to visit a pain specialist near you. Some patients experience minor discomfort or intermittent pain with radiculopathy, which is still just as damaging to long-term health.

For this reason, we urge all patients to seek radiculopathy treatment consultations when they have back pain that lasts, is sharp or unexpected, continues to reoccur, or in any way affects daily activities.

What Does Radiculopathy Treatment Look Like?

At Pain Management Associates, our first approach to pain treatment is non-surgical. Our focus is on restoring quality of life and healing the root cause as simple as possible with the least invasion possible.

We will discuss the pain sensations, when they started, how often it occurs, and what treatments (if any) you have tried in the past. Our radiculopathy treatment in Washington, DC is focused on patient comfort first, so each approach is tailored to each individual.

You may expect to discuss the following possible radiculopathy treatments in Washington at Pain Management Associates:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Back and Core Strengtheners (for Spinal Support)
  • Over-the-Counter Pain Medications
  • Possible Muscle Relaxers or Prescription Medications
  • Steroids to Reduce Swelling (Oral or Injections)
  • Activity Modification
  • Surgery

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